Principals Welcome

Growing Saplings together.

It is a huge privilege to be the Principal of Saplings School Rathfarnham and in turn to have the opportunity to welcome you to our new website.

I know you will shortly have an opportunity to go beyond my words and to see the pictures of our wonderful children growing and becoming fully themselves. I would encourage you do this as quickly as possible. They are who we are. When people visit our school we always say the children come to school and we end up doing most of the learning. They are natural authentic teachers who bring so much out of the people they are with. It is not always easy but it is always worthwhile.

As a Saplings School we have a proud history of being founded by parents nearly twenty years ago  and of supporting children through evidence based methods. At all times we aim to  build self-awareness and emotional literacy in our children. And from a happy, more  self- aware base our children can develop fully – engaging in the curriculum in their own unique ways. It takes a lot of people, resources and commitment to grow a Sapling. So we work together as a team with parents and outside professional to develop holistic plans. And  we commit to them together. If we are not all on the same page skills cannot easily  transfer from one place to another. There are times though we all need to come to understand our limitations and  to stand back and see that it’s the children and their families who do such incredible work and growing.

That’s enough words. We hope you can see for yourself here that with the right encouragement and support we all as a society have the privilege of seeing them grow into their extraordinary capacity.

Michael Wood MEd MSc


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Groove Theatre Visit

Groove Theatre Visit

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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